Fiberglass Rope
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Fiberglas Rope

Fiberglass rope offers the advantages of economy with more consistency and workability without sacrificing any of the physical, chemical or high temperature characteristics. Service temperature of 1000°F constant. There are two major styles of the rope and both styles are completely incombustible.
One style is a soft and easily compressible material for gasketing, caulking for oven and furnace doors and expansion joints, as well as woodstoves.
Another style is a firm, dense material that more resembles twisted Rope. Used in applications requiring a more dense material, yet one which will not unravel during installation.


Fiberglass Tubing

Recommended as sleeving for copper or aluminum tubing, electrical appliance leads and cables, as well as other conductors to provide thermal and insulation protection along with abraision resistance. Service temperatures up to 1000°F.