Fiberglass Tape
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Available with Graphite coating.
Available with pressure sensitive adhesive applied to one side of the tape.
Impregnated with PTFE.
Pipe Wrap, Boilers, Gas Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, Gas Stoves, Tile Stoves, Thermal Insulation, Glass Manufacturing, Flange Gasketing, Pellet Stoves, Low Pressure Castings, Oven/Furnace Seals, Coal Stoves, Fireproof Safes.

Manufactured by taking high temperature core material and fabricating a high temperature fiberglass cover over the core material ...forming a bulb for sealing and a tail for fastening or clamping into position. Service rating to 1000° F (538° C). No environmental hazards (non-asbestos). Standard product supplied with fiberglass core material.