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NES 1 Mechanical Elastomer Bellow Seal

Equivalent to John Crane* 1


Operating Conditions:

Pressure: 10 kg/cm2
Temperature: -10 C ~ 180 C
Speed: Up to 13 m/s



Face: Carbon, SiC, SSiC, TC.
Seat: Ceramic, SiC, SSiC, TC.
Elastomer: NBR, EPDM, Viton.
Metal: 304SS, 316SS.

Cross Specification Chart

Cross Specification Chart for NES 1  


Additional Notes:

Frequently used by the pulp and paper, petrochemical, wastewater treatment, food processing, chemical processing and power generation industries.

Suitable for a wide range of service conditions: from water and steam to chemicals and corrosive materials. 

Ideal for use in pumps, mixers, blenders, agitators, air compressors, blowers, fans and other rotary shaft equipment.

Standard Seat Compatibility:

NES U mechanical seal seat

NES U is equivalent to John Crane* WM

specification chart in Inches

Alternative Seat Compatibility:

NESEAL - NES S Seal Seat

NES S is equivalent to John Crane* NG

specification chart in Inches


NESEAL - NES T Seal Seat

NES T is equivalent to John Crane* WG

specification chart in Inches

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