NES 2100A
Graphite Joint Sealant

Expanded Flexible Graphite Braided Tubing with Corrosion Inhibitor

2100A upon compression will form an endless seal and bend to conform perfectly to any dimension, without waste because of its pure expanded flexible mineral graphite yarn properties, braided using our style 1000. A leak-proof joint is now easily obtained directly on the plant by cutting and inserting one end into the other tubular end as shown above.

2100A provides a wide rang of gasketing applications. Available in easy to install tubular shape and can be used as a flat gasket. Application for any diameter on react or vessels, Tank covers, Oven doors, Pipes, Manholes, Handholes, Heat-exchangers, Boilers..

All Products have ISO 9002 Registration.

 Temp (°C) Press(Mpa)  Speed (m/s) Ph
Pump Pump Pump
  -250 ~ 650     40   0 ~ 14
Main Applications
Pump Recipro. Pump Mixer Valve
  Dot White Dot White Dot Black
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Ordering Information

Inch 1/8   3/16 1/4   5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2   9/16   5/8 11/16 3/4 13/16 7/8 15/16 1
  Box std kg Box std lbs Std square size inch
3mm to 5mm      
 6mm to 12mm      
14mm to 25mm      
Bigger than 25mm On request On request Bigger than 1"
 Square bigger than 25mm / rectangular on request Square bigger than 1" / rectanglar on request