NES 14
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 NES 14 Mechanical Elastomer Bellow Seal - equivalent to John Crane type 21, Type 51, Type 502, Sealol 43

Equivalent to John Crane* 21, 51, 521 and Sealol 43


Operating Conditions:

Pressure: Up to 10 kg/cm2
Temperature: -20 C ~ 180 C



Face: Carbon, SiC, TC
Seat: Ceramic, SiC, TC
Elastomer: NBR, EPDM, Viton
Metal: 304SS, 316SS

Cross Specification Chart

Cross Specification Chart for NES 14 mechanical seal equivalent to John Crane type 21, type 51, sealol 43

Additional Notes:

General purpose seal, widely used in centrifugal, hydraulic, rotary and turbine pumps, compressors, mixer, and other rotary shaft equipment.  Commonly used by the wastewater and water systems industries.

Standard Seat Compatibility:

NES V mechanical seal seat

NES V is equivalent to Vulcan 43 / Eagle 43

specification chart in Metric

Alternative Seat Compatibility:

NES E mechanical seal seat

NES E is equivalent to Burgmann G606

specification chart in Metric


NES J mechanical seal seat

NES J is Burgmann G50

specification chart in Metric

NES M mechanical seal seat

NES M is equivalent to DIN LONG

specification chart in Metric

NES N mechanical seal seat

NES N is equivalent to DIN SHORT

specification chart in Metric

NES R mechanical seal seat

NES R is equivalent to John Crane* M

specification chart in Metric

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