NES 3u
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NES 3u Mechanical Pusher Seal

Equivalent to Burgmann M3, M32, M37


Operating Conditions:

Pressure: Up to 10 kg/cm2
Temperature: -20 C ~ 200 C
Speed: Up to 10 m/s



Face: SS, Carbon, SiC, SSiC, TC
Seat: Carbon, Ceramic, SiC, SSiC, TC
O-Ring: NBR, EPDM, Viton, FEP
Metal: 304SS, 316SS

Cross Specification Chart

Cross Specification Chart for NES 3u mechanical seal equivalent to Burgmann M3, M32, M37

Additional Notes:

A simple, reliable single spring seal. Widely used in water pumps, sewage pumps,
submerged pumps and chemical pumps.

Standard Seat Compatibility:

NES A mechanical seal seat

NES A is equivalent to Burgmann G9

specification chart in Metric

Alternative Seat Compatibility:

NES B mechanical seal seat

NES B is equivalent to DURO RO

specification chart in Metric

Seal Seat: NES H

NES H is equivalent to Burgmann G13

specification chart in Metric

NES I mechanical seal seat  

NES I is equivalent to Burgmann G4

specification chart in Metric