What We Provide

Professional Water-jet Cutting and Die-less Knife Cutting

Custom Die Making and Metal Machining Services

Commercial Pump Repair and Maintenance

Mechanical Seal Repair and Refurbishing

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Expert Technicians - Fully Equipped Shop

Water-jet Services

Easily Cut Metal up to 4" inches Thick. Cut Stone, Glass, Ceramic, Rubber, Cork Materials at Competitive Prices.

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Flashcut Services

Precision Cutting for Soft and Semi-rigid Materials such as Rubber, Cork, Paper, Fabric, Leather materials.

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Pump Repairs

Our Expert Technicians Provide Servicing and Repairs for Commerical Pump Systems at Competitive Prices.

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Metal Machining

We Manufacture Custom Metal Machined Parts Requiring High Degree of Precision and Accuracy.

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Custom Die Making

Steel Ruled Gasket Dies Handcrafted to Exact Specifications Using High Grade Blades and Punch Bolts.

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Seal Repairs

Rebuilding a Seal Saves You Money. We Repair, Refurbish, Clean, Lap, Polish and More.

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