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NE Seal Industrial Products and Services

Best choice for gasket cutting, mechanical seals, gasketing materials and products.

We repair commercial pumps and mechanical shaft seals. Our large crew of licensed, expert technicians allow for a fast turnaround time.

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Commercial Pump Repair and Servicing

We have expanded our services to include Commercial Pump Repairs. Likewise, our crew of expert technicians has grown and now includes a licensed pump repair specialist with over 35 years experience.

Mechanical Shaft Seal Repairs and Refurbishing

NE Seal has a dedicated machinist for in-house Machining Services and an expert seal technician fully proficient in all aspects of Seal Repair and refurbishing services.

Gasket Cutting Services

NE Seal fabricates gaskets for diverse applications required in a variety of industries including marine, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and military.

Our manufacturing warehouse is equipped with industry standard Waterjet Cutter machines able to cut thick glass, steel and even ceramic materials.

We can cut foam, rubber and compressed fibers using our brand new state of the art Die-Less Knife Cutter .

Our master die-maker can quickly build Custom Gasket Dies to suit your specific needs.

Mechanical Shaft Seals

NE Seal is a leading distributor of Mechanical Seals for pumps, agitators, expansion joints and other 'rotating equipment'.

We have a large inventory of high quality, economically priced Elastomer Bellow Seals, Pusher Type Seals, Cartridge Seals and Seal Seats.

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