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NE Seal Product Line

Visit Services Provided by NE SEAL for Mechanical Seal and Pump Repair Services, Waterjet Cutting, Gasket Cutting, Machining, Custom Die-Making.

Elastomer Seal

Elastomer Bellows

Pusher Type Seal

Pusher Type Seals

Cartridge Seal

Cartridge Seals

Seal Seats

Seal Seats

Slurry Mechanical Seal

Slurry Seal

Carbon Graphite Gland Packing

Carbon / Graphite

PTFE Aramid Gland Packing

PTFE / Aramid

Synthetic Ramie Gland Packing

Synthetic / Ramie

Metal Spiral Wound Gasekts

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Heat Exchangers

Straub Pipe Couplings

Straub Pipe Joints

AllPax Gasketing Tools

Gasket Making Tools

Rubber Extrusion Profile Seals

Rubber Extrusions

Expanded PTFE Sealant

Joint Sealant

Foam Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

Non-Asbestos Gasketing Material

Non Asbestos Materials

PTFE Filled Gasketing Material

PTFE Filled Materials

Rubber Gasketing Material

Rubber Materials

Sponge Gasketing Materials

Sponge Materials

Felt Vellumoid Vegetable Fiber Ceramic Paper Gasketing Materials

Fiber Materials

Graphite Gasketing Materials

Graphite Materials

Fiberglass Gasket Materials

Fiberglass Materials

View Services Provided by NE SEAL
Waterjet Cutting ~ Die Cutting ~ Machining ~ Pump & Seal Repairs ~ Die Making

NE Seal Industrial Products and Services

We carry a large selection of materials; metal and steel materials, sponge or foam rubber materials, rigid and semi-rigid rubber sheets, as well as compressed fiber sheets, plastic, cork and graphite materials.

We also stock a huge selection of rubber extrusion profiles, gland pump packing, straub pipe coupling joints, gasket punch tools and gasket cutting tools.

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Mechanical Shaft Seals

NE Seal is a leading distributor of Mechanical Seals for pumps, agitators, expansion joints and other 'rotating equipment'.

We have a large inventory of high quality, economically priced Elastomer Bellow Seals, Pusher Type Seals, Cartridge Seals and Seal Seats.

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