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Extrusion Rubber Sealant - Extruded Shapes And Profiles

Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone,
Barstock Rubber Extrusion


Cord Stock Rubber Extrusion


Ribbed Stock Rubber Extrusion

Ribbed stock

Rectangle Square Rubber Extrusion

Square & Rectangle

Triangle Rubber Extrusion


D Section Rubber Extrusion

D Sections

L Section Rubber Extrusion

L Sections

P Section Rubber Extrusion

P Sections

U Channel Rubber Extrusion

U Channels

Silicone Rubber Extrusion


Pedestal Rubber Extrusion


Wiper Cove Rubber Extrusion

Wipes & Coves

Miscellaneous Rubber Extrusion


CleanGrip Rubber Extrusion


CleanGrip Encapsulated Rubber Extrusion

CleanGrip Encapsulated

NE SEAL Industrial offers a range of extrusion profiles for many types of applications such as sealing, noise control, vibration and decorative trim. We service a variety of industries including: Construction, Automotive, Marine, Appliances and much more. Extrusions are available in a variety of materials such as EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone and Nitrile.

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