Gasket Materials and Metal Gaskets

NE Seal can supply everything from material sampling and product prototyping to full manufacturing, packaging, and delivery.

We stock a full range of high quality gasket making materials available by the sheet or roll at competitive prices.

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

PTFE Sealant Gasket Materials

Joint Sealant

Rubber / Sponge / Foam / Fiber / Graphite / Fiberglass

Rubber Gasketing Materials

Rubber Materials

Sponge Gasketing Materials

Sponge Materials

Felt Vellumoid Vegetable Fiber Ceramic Paper Materials

Fiber Materials

Graphite Gasketing Materials

Graphite Materials

Fiberglass Gasket Materials

Fiberglass Materials

Non Asbestos Gasket Materials

Durlon 8300 Gasketing Materials

Durlon® 8300

Durlon 8400 Gasketing Material

Durlon® 8400

Durlon 8500 Gasketing Material

Durlon® 8500

Durlon 8600 Gasketing Material

Durlon® 8600

Durlon 8700 Gasketing Material

Durlon® 8700

PTFE Filled Gasket Materials

Gylon 3500 Gasketing Material

Gylon® 3500

Gylon 3504 Gasketing Material

Gylon® 3504

Gylon 3510 Gasketing Material

Gylon® 3510

Durlon 9000 Gasketing Material

Durlon® 9000

Durlon 9200 Gasketing Material

Durlon® 9200

Durlon 9400 Gasketing Material

Durlon® 9400

Durlon 9600 Gasketing Material

Durlon® 9600