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Metal Shims Plastic Shims

NE Seal provides precision cut metal shims and plastic shims.

Metal Shims  |  Plastic Shims

We fabricate shims for the most exacting applications requiring a high degree of accuracy. We provide quality products along with prompt service at competitive prices.

Select from a variety of in-stock metal alloys and plastic materials to your application requirements.

Metal Shims

Metal Shim Stock

In the automobile manufacturing industry steel shims are used to allow for a greater flexibility in clearance levels for parts such as a valve.

In the IT industry copper or aluminum shims are used protect the processor from the heat sink by keeping them apart.

In the manufacturing industry machinary with rotating parts are often used. Over time, machine parts are worn or ground down consequently losing functionality. Shims are used to compensate for unavoidable wear and tear on machine parts.

Made from Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper and any other exotic materials as supplied by client.


  • Minimum thickness .001″ and up.
  • Used for support, size adjustments or leveling surfaces.
  • Reduces wear and tear allowing for longer machine life.
  • Sustains required levels of accuracy.

Metal Shim Materials:

Stainless Steel Aluminum Carbon Steel Brass / Copper
SS 301 A 5052 ASTM B36
SS 304 A 6061 ASTM B152
SS 316

Plastic Shims

Plastic Shim Stock

Used for gaskets in various light duty manufacturing applications. It's easier to cut than aluminum stock.


  • Resists oil
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Non magnetic
  • Non conductive to electricity
  • Vinyl Material
  • Minimal compression during use.
  • Meets industrial and commercial specifications.

Plastic Shim Sizes:

Sizes in Inches
Thickness Color   Thickness Color
.0005" Silver   .0125" Black
.001" Amber   .015" Pink
.0015" Purple   .020" Yellow
.002" Red   .025" White
.003" Green   .030" Coral
.004" Tan   .040" Clear
.005" Blue   .050" Clear
.0075" Matte   .050" Clear
.010" Brown      
Tolerance thickness level of ±10%

Cutting Method

Select the most suitable cutting method for your project. Take advantage of our Water Jet machines, CNC Die-less Knife cutter system or request a custom fabricated steel-ruled gasket die.

We deliver quality services and products on schedule at the best prices so our customers save time and money