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Sponge Gasket Materials

Neoprene Sponge, Silicone Sponge

NE 501 - Neoprene® Sponge - Chloroprene (CR) Closed Cell

Sponge Neoprene Sheets
Distinct advantages are low water absorption, providing a tight seal and the ability to conform to curves and corners without bridging or creasing. Generally attacked by strong oxidizing acids, esters, ketones, chlorinated aromatic and nitro hydrocarbons.
Water Absorption (lbs/ft2) 0.1 max
Tensile Range (psi) 25 min
Compression Deflection at 25% (psi) 15000
Compression Set (%) 50
Elongation (%) 125 min
Temperature Range (°F) -30° to +200°

NE 508 - Silicone Sponge - (Closed Cell)

Sponge Sheets
Extreme low temperature properties. Can be highly resistant to oxidation and ozone attack. Generally attacked by most concentrated solvents, oils, concentrated acids, and dilute sodium hydroxide.
Compression Set Good
Elongation (max%) 700
Tensile Range (psi) 200 - 1500
Resilience Rebound Good
Abrasion Resistance Fair to Poor
Oil Resistance Fair to Poor
Temperature Tolerance (°F) -60° to +450°

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