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Mechanical Packing for Seals and Pumps

Today's packings come in a wide variety of choices, with something for nearly every application. It's still a very popular method of sealing pumps because of its low upfront cost, easy installation, and readily available materials.

Carbon / Graphite Mechanical Packing

NES 2100A Graphite Joint Compression Packing

NES 2100A

NES 2100PT Graphite Teflon Infused Compression Packing

NES 2100PT

NES 2104 Braided Graphite Carbon Compression Packing

NES 2104

NES 2108S Flexible Graphite Foil Braided Compression Packing

NES 2108S

NES 2111inc Graphite Inconel Wire Mesh Compression Packing

NES 2111inc

NES 2113 Graphite Multi-Inconel Wires Compression Packing

NES 2113

NES 2114S Graphite Carbon Fiber Compression Packing

NES 2114S

NES 2900 Carbon Fiber Graphite Compression Packing

NES 2900

NES 2901 Carbon Fiber Graphite Inconel Wires Compression Packing

NES 2901

PTFE / Aramid Mechanical Packing

NES 2300 Pure PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2300

NES 2301 PTFE Lubricant Pump Sealing

NES 2301

NES 2302 PTFE Aramid Pump Sealing

NES 2302

NES 2311 Graphite Joint Sealant Pump Sealing

NES 2311

NES 2400 Graphite PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2400

NES 2402 Graphite PTFE Aramid Pump Sealing

NES 2402

NES 2412 GORE Fiber Pump Sealing

NES 2412

NES 2700 Aramid PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2700

NES 2710 Spun Aramid PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2710

NES 2720 NOMEX Fiber PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2720

Synthetic / Ramie Mechanical Packing

NES 2220 Ramie Fiber PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2220

NES 2240 Acrylic PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2240

NES 2242 Acrylic Fiber Graphite Pump Sealing

NES 2242

NES 2250 Fiberglass PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2250

NES 2252 Fiberglass Graphite Pump Sealing

NES 2252

NES 250 Asbestos PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2500

NES 2501 Asbestos PTFE Lube Pump Sealing

NES 2501

NES 2502 Asbestos Graphite Lube Pump Sealing

NES 2502

NES 2600 Carbonized Fiber PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2600

NES 2750 NOVOLID Fiber PTFE Pump Sealing

NES 2750

Packing materials were originally the sealing method of choice, using soft, flexible materials to stop leakage around the drive shaft of an end-suction centrifugal pump.

Rings of braided, fibrous material, such as graphited or non-graphited acrylic, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon) or other materials, are stuffed into a pump stuffing box (or seal chamber), located in the pump backplate, around the outside diameter of the pump shaft, to reduce the high pressure developed in the pump case, and decrease the amount of pumped medium that is forced out of the pump along the drive shaft.

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