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NES 2100PT Graphite with PTFE Compression Packing

Expanded Flexible Graphite Braided Packing PTFE Impregnated with Inhibitor


Packing Style NES 2100PT features expanded flexible graphite yarns impregnated with Teflon as a blocking agent to create a non-straining packing, recommended for general service pumps where a high-quality performance product is needed, such as food industries, pulp and paper mills, sugar mills, etc.

Packing Style NES 2100PT is a multi-purpose packing, compatible with virtually most of industrial fluids. It does not deteriorate due to age, and causes minimal shaft wear. The inherent properties of NES 2100PT contribute to the long life of packing rings because of its outstanding mold ability.

All Products have ISO 9002 Registration.


Temp (°C) Press(Mpa) Speed (m/s) Ph
Pump Reciprocity Valve
-200 ~ 280 3 10 20 20 0 ~ 14

Main Applications

Pump Recipro. Pump Mixer Valve
Recommend 1 Recommend 1 Recommend 1 Recommend 2

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