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NES 2104 Pure Graphite Gland Packing

Valve Pump Expanded Flexible Graphite Braided Packing with Inhibitor


Packing Style NES 2104 is braided from Expanded Graphite yarn with an exceptionally high carbon content. This results in a long lasting Packing, featuring a low coefficient of friction, excellent heat transfer properties and exceptional chemical resistance.

Packing Style NES 2104 provides a superior leakage and emissions control of die-formed Graphite Rings.

All Products have ISO 9002 Registration.


Temp (°C) Press(Mpa) Speed (m/s) Ph
Pump Reciprocity Valve
-200 ~ 650 3 10 20 10 0 ~ 14
Pump Recipro. Pump Mixer Valve
Recommend 1 Recommend 1 Recommend 1 Recommend 2

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