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NES 2502 Asbestos with Graphite Packing

Asbestos Fiber Impregnated with Graphite Braided Packing


Packing Style NES 2502 is multi-service and manufactured from selected long fiber Canadian white asbestos. Before braiding each strand of the asbestos yarn undergoes a double lubrication treatment; first treated with a blend of various lubricants and subsequently sealed off with microscopic graphite flakes. After braiding, the finished product is given a final coat of graphite flakes.

A multi-service packing for valves, pumps, reciprocating equipment, sealing against sweet and sea water, steam, concentrated caustic solutions, brine, mild acids, chemicals, oil an petroleum by-products.

All Products have ISO 9002 Registration.


Temp (°C) Press(Mpa) Speed (m/s) Ph
Pump Reciprocity Valve
500 3 15 25 8 4 ~ 14

Main Applications

Pump Recipro. Pump Mixer Valve
Recommend 2 Recommend 2 Recommend 1 Recommend 1

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