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Single Cartridge & Double Cartridge Seals for Pumps

Compressors, Mixers and Rotating Equipment

Consult with one of our knowledgeable technical sales representative with your requirements to assure the best cartridge seal to suit your pump unit and application.

NES 31-S Single Cartridge Pump Seal Equivalent AES CURC

NES 31-S

NES 31-D Double Cartridge Pump Seal Equals AES CD SA

NES 31-D

NES 33 Mechanical Pump Seal Comparable to Durometallic P-50

NES 33

NES 44 Mechanical Pump Seal Equivalent Wave Spring John Crane 4610

NES 34

NES 36 Cartridge Pump Seal Equivalent Dura LS300

NES 36

NES 41 Cartridge Pump Seal Equivalent Burgmann Cartex

NES 41

NES 311 Cartridge Pump Seal Equivalent AES Convertor 2

NES 311

Cartridge seals are a modern alternative designed to eliminate common causes of component seal failure. Check pump unit for defects before installing a cartridge seal to avoid damage to seal parts.

Single cartridge or double cartridge seals are self-contained units comprised of a shaft sleeve, seal, and gland plate. Cartridge seals are fitted onto the pump shaft as a single unit with no further fitting or assembly required.

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