Waterjet Cutting, Pump and Seal Repair, Machining, Custom Die-Making and Cutting, Gasket Materials and Tools.

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We repair and service commercial pump systems. We repair and refurbish mechanical shaft seals. We provide waterjet cutting services, gasket cutting, custom die-making services and precision lathe machining.

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Commercial Pump Repair

NE Seal Repairs Pump Systems. We can install and provide preventive maintenance for a variety of pumps and pumping systems: Water, Waste Water, Storm Water and Industrial.

Our in-house services include pump and motor repairs, fabricating, welding and machining. Our outside field services include removal, installation and maintenance of pumping equipment.

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WaterJet Cutting Machines

NE Seal manufactures gaskets and parts for diverse applications required in a variety of industries including marine, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and military.

Our FlowJet Mach 3 WaterJet Cutter, an industry workhorse can easily cut through thick steel, metal, glass, wood, rubber and even ceramic materials using a high-pressure jet of water or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance.

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Die-less Knife Cutting Machine

Our brand new Atom Flashcut Die-less Knife Cutter machine will cut foam, rubber, sponge, compressed fibers and even ceramic paper. Intergrated software allows automatic nesting shapes within shapes, resulting in increased product yield and reduces waste.

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Seal Repair and Refurbishing

A technician knowledgable in all aspects of Seal Repair and refurbishing will carry out an initial cleaning, inspection and evaluation on your damaged seal, then provide a cost report for approval before commencing repair work.

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Lathe Machining

We provide Lathe Machining services performed by a dedicated machinist. All work is done in-house, so our customers benefit from faster service and lower costs.

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Precision Die-Making and Cutting

With over 40 years of experience, our master die-maker can quickly build any type of Custom Gasket Die to suit your needs, using traditional jigged high grade wood, tempered high quality steel blades and steel punch bolts.

We have a library of both standard and exotic gasket dies, from simple ring gaskets to head gaskets for Ferarri engines. Our customers benefit from exceptionally brief turn-around time, whether it's a one-off or a run of thousands.

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