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Cutting custom gaskets just got a lot easier and a lot more affordable with our high-speed knife cutting system that performs precision cuts without a gasket die, Atom Flashcut Flex S gasket cutting system.

It's an economical solution for large product types. Instead of building a steel rule gasket die, simply submit an Autocad drawing and our CNC based knife-cutter will take of the rest.

The process causes no concavity and produces clean cut edges. It is well suited for projects which require quick prototyping with close attention to aesthetics.

Perform kiss-cuts with ease and achieve extremely precise cuts. Perfect for tight tolerance applications necessary in both aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

You can save money by using less material. State-of-the-art CNC software allows for automatic nesting of shapes within shapes thereby simultaneously reducing waste and increasing product yield.. Check FAQ section for detailed information.

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  • Source material you wish to cut.
  • Design specifications.
  • Order requirements.

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Take advantage of our revoluationary die-less knifing cutting system, a CNC based gasket cutting machine able to slice through most soft and semi-rigid materials with precision and tight tolerances, much like a waterjet without using water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flash-cut Die-less Knife Cutting

How Does Dieless Knife Cutting Work?

Dieless knife cutter machines Do Not Need a custom built die. They are based on a CNC system with a programmable, oscillating knife blade cutter on a bed-type table.

High powered LED lights project design right on to the cutting table. This allows operator to visualize and improve arrangment before any cutting begins.

State-of-the-art software allows for automatic nesting of shapes within shapes, hence yield is increased and waste is reduced.

Can Dieless Cutting Machines Cut Compressed Fiber?

Yes, our dieless cutter system Can Cut Compressed Fiber.

Available by in sheets or by the roll, in a variety of compositions including; Non-asbestos, PTFE Filled, Fiberglass, Aramid/NBR materials.

Provided by well known brands such as; Durlon®, Garlock® Gylon® and Klinger®.

Compressed Fiber Materials

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Can Dieless Knife Cutting Systems Cut Rubber?

Yes, our dieless cutter machine Can Cut Rubber up to 1" inch thick (25mm).

Soft and semi-ridge rubber materials including; Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton®, Buna N, EPDM, Urethane, Silicone, Gum Rubber, Butyl, and Diaphragm.

Rubber Materials

Can Dieless Knife Cutting Systems Cut Foam & Sponge?

Yes, our dieless cutter machine Can Cut Foam or Sponge up to 5" inch thick (130mm), flexible or semi-rigid materials.

Closed cell sponge materials such as; Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile (Buna-N), Silicone, Epichlorohydrin (ECH), Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), polyurethane, PVC, Polyester Polyurethane, Vinyl Nitrile, and Natural Open Cell Sponge.

Foam materials include; Crushed Cellular Doam, Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam, Open Cell Polyurethane Foam, and Open Cell Urethane Foam.

Sponge & Foam Materials

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Can Dieless Knife Cutting Machines Cut Plastic?

Yes, our dieless cutter system Can Cut Plastic or Moulded Materials. The depth of cut will depend on rigidity and thickness of plastic.

Materials include; Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Nylon, Acetal, Carbon Fiber, PTFE, Vinyl, and Plastic Laminates.

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Can Die-less Knife Cutter Handle Felt and Fiber Materials?

Yes, our Flashcut cutting machine Can Cut Felt & Fiber materials.

CNC Based Die-less Knife cutting machines can cut fiber materials including; High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Felt, Vellumoid Vegetable Fiber, Vellumtherm, Ceramic Paper, NBR Carbon Fiber Sheet.

Other Fiber Textiles include; Carbon Fiber, Polymer, Glass Fiber, Ceramic Wool.

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Can Dieless Cutting Machines Cut Cork Materials?

Yes, our dieless cutter system Can Cut Cork materials.

Cork, from the bark of the cork oak tree has been used as sealing material for centuries and is still used today because of its waterproof, compressibility and resilient qualities. Our dieless knife cutter can handle most types of Composition Cork and Cork/Rubber materials.

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Can Dieless Knife Cutter Cut Leather Material?

Yes, our dieless cutting system Can Cut Leather materials.

This state-of-the-art machine has a modular cutting head with with punch tool and pen marking tool.

Punching tool size ranges from 0 to 5mm (pin or punch). The punch rotates as it penetrates the material for clean cuts.

Pen Marking tool for marking stitching lines, part sizes and part numbers.

Can Dieless Knife Cutting Machines Cut Paper?

Yes, our dieless cutter system Can Cut Paper Materials including; Corrugated Paper, Extra-hard Paper and Poly-coated Paper.

Can Dieless Knife Cutters Handle Industrial Fabric?

Industrial fabrics are used in a variety of industries including; automotive, printing, heat resistant belting and processing applications.

For example, Caron Fiber is used for brake pad linings and other automive and aircraft components. Reinforcement Fabric is used for extrusions. Woven Cure Wrap is used during vulcanization process of rubber hose and couplings.

Our dieless knife cutting machine Can Cut Industrial Fabric including; Fiberglass Yarns, Aramid Fibers, Carbon Graphite, Polyester, E-Glass, S-Glass, Nextel®, Zylon®, Kevlar®, Gore-tex®, Nomex®, Spectra®, and Teflon®.

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Can Dieless Knife Cutters Handle Adhesive Materials?

Yes, our dieless knife cutting system Can Cut Adhesive Materials.

Indeed, it's a popular method used in the manufacture of converted adhesive tape solutions, due to ease of making kiss-cuts and multi-depth cuts.

We can supply a variety of adhesive tape materials including; double coated film tapes, transfer adhesives and foam tapes available in various sizes.

Can Dieless Cutters Perform Kiss-Cuts and Score Cuts?

Yes, our dieless cutter Can Make Kiss-Cuts and Multi-Depth Cuts.

Our Flashcut machine uses innovative technology and specialized attachments to produce Multiple Depth Cutting, Kiss-cutting, Creasing, Milling-routing, Punching, Engraving and Plotting.

Cut Intricate Designs with Dieless Cutting Systems?

Our Flashcut dieless cutting system is capable of extremely precise cuts, (positioning Tolerance +/- 0.1mm). Perfect for tight tolerance applications neccassary in Aerospace and Pharmaseutical industries.

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What Size Pieces Can Dieless Cutting Machines Cut?

Our Flashcut machine Can Cut Very Large Sized gaskets and products.

We can cut pieces as large as 5' by 7' just as easily, we can cut pieces as small as 1" by 1".

The depth of cut will vary according to type of material, thickness and density.

How Much Does Dieless Knife Cutting Cost?

Each project is priced according to design difficulty, materials used and time needed to cut. That being said, we have Competitive Prices, high quality service and very fast turnaround times.

Contact us via phone or email for more information.

How Much Time Does Dieless Knife Cutting Take?

Cutting time varies according to design difficulty, as well as thickness and density of source materials. We can manufacture cut pieces for large orders just as easily as we can manufacture for small runs or even single pieces.

Our Flashcut machine is on the leading edge of innovative cutting solutions. Optimized for speed and durability, our dieless knife cutting machine is built to work round the clock.

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Production Examples

On a daily basis, we produce a variety of products for a diverse number of industries such as marine, automtive, electronics, military, recreational facilities, educational facilities, furniture manufacturing and so on.

  • Proprietary designs made from thick Fiberglass shielding manufactured for electronics industry.
  • Large gaskets made from Compressed Fiber for automotive industry.
  • Small delicate Graphite pieces for inclusion in circuit boards and other electronic equipment.
  • Foam gaskets for marine industry.
  • Rubber belting for appliance industry.

About Atom Flashcut "S" Cutting Machines

Ideal solutions for the production of leather goods, EMI shielding, gasket materials, felt, foam, silicone rubber, adhesive laminates and any material in sheet form

  • Multi-Tool Cutting Head
  • Extremely Precise (Positioning Tolerance +/- 0.1mm)
  • Punching speeds of 220 holes per minute
  • Cutting speeds of 80 meters per minute
  • Highly visible overhead LED projection system
  • Smart partitioned zoned vacuum system
  • High planarity of cutting surface
  • Blade lubrication device
  • Powerful, flexible & simple to use control software
  • Automatic, interactive or mixed nesting system
  • Enhanced operator safety (CE Approved)

Save time and money, consult our team of seasoned technicians to help complete your project precisely and promptly at reasonable prices.

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