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Mechanical Seal Repair and Refurbishing Services

mechanical seal refurbishing

Each seal repair job is unique according to the condition of the seal. The seal is stripped cleaned, evaluated and the results documented. A copy of the report is transmitted to the customer for a final authorization for work to commence.

  1. Seal Parts are assessed and documented.
  2. Initial Cleaning - all parts are cleaned.
  3. All parts receive a thorough inspection and evaluation.
  4. Seal report is generated.
  5. Initial Inspection, Evaluation and Cost Report is submitted to customer.
  6. Repair, Restore or Replace Parts.
  7. New Inspection of Repairs and/or Replacement Parts.
  8. Final Cleaning.
  9. Polish and Assemble Seal Parts.
  10. Pack and Ship Refurbished Seal back to Customer.

Rebuilding a Seal Saves Money

Rebuilding a Seal can Save You Money Compared to Buying a New Seal.

Often mechanical seal are specified incorrectly, however our engineers are able to make suggestions as to why the seal was failing, offereing alternate component material or seal design in general.

For optimal performance and life span, a mechanical seal must be correct for the job. A poorly performing seal is an expense waiting to happen. If your plant uses many seals, major savings can be realized annually by rebuilding and modifying seal components!

We do not sub-contract out job orders, so our our customers benefit from faster service and lower service costs since all work is done under one roof.

Common Procedures at our Shop:

  • Inspection and troubleshooting
  • Component replacement
  • Complete seal replacement
  • Manufacturing damaged components and proto-typing
  • Pump rebuilds, repairs and alteration
  • Fabrication of parts
  • Static and dynamic testing of cartridge seals
  • Bellows testing
  • Machining
  • Lapping
  • Lapping and grinding tungsten and silicone carbide
  • Coating

We deliver quality services and products on schedule at the best prices so our customers save time and money