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Straub Grip L Pipe Joints

Straub Grip L

Straub Metal Grip Pipe Joints

Straub Metal Grip

Straub Flex Pipe Joints

Straub Flex

Straub Open Flex Pipe Joints

Straub Open Flex

Straub Coupling Systems are fast and economical; no welding required, no special tools required, no pipe end preparation and they are reusable. Save time and money with Straub Coupling Joints because there is no need for any pipe end preparation.

Straub Coupling Joints are fully assembled and ready for installation. All you need is a torque wrench. Light weight and easy to handle. A unique lip seal design seals even rough pipe surfaces.

Straub Couplings can be used to join any plain end pipe or tubing including; steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, FRP, PVC, CPVC, C900, concrete pipe, copper and CuNi piping.

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