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Straub Metal Grip Pipe Joints

Non-Axial Restraint Pipe Coupling Joints
Straub Metal Grip Axial Restraint Coupling

Straub Metal Grip couplings join plain end pipes with axial restraint. Straub Metal Grip provides pull out resistance in excess of the coupling's rated working pressure. Whether for pressure or suction lines, thick or thin wall pipe, the Straub Metal Grip coupling is installed quickly, safely and economically.

Due to the unique design of the teeth, as internal pressure increases, the anchoring effect is progressively increased. The engagement of the teeth into the pipe's outside surfaces provides for electrical conductivity across the pipe joint.

Self Anchoring - Resist Axial Force - Detachable - Joins any Metal Pipe - Ultimate Pull-out Resistance

STRAUB-GRIP type couplings utilize a patented grip ring and are pull-out resistant to a minimum of four times the agency approval working pressure.

Pressure Responsive Seal

  • Seal is reinforced by increasing line pressure, ensuring long life performance.
  • Seals on rough pipe surfaces
  • No lubrication of gasket is required
  • Pressure or vacuum service
  • Absorbs noise and vibration
  • Low torque/compression ensures long service life

Compact Design

  • Saves Space
  • Allows pipes to be closely grouped
  • Allows low profile installation
  • Corrosion resistant construction

Ease of Handling and Assembly

  • Light weight
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Stab fit, no need to disassemble
  • Low torque required
  • No pipe end preparation
  • Reusable
  • Never needs retightening
  • No welding

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