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Replacement Parts for Gasket Cutting Kits from AllPax

Spare Parts for Portable DYI Gasket Cutters

Flexible Packing Hooks

AllPax Flexible Mechanical Packing Extractor


Cut accurate flange gaskets in the field quickly and efficiently to reduce costly down-time! Special cutting blades are held securely, ensuring consistent and repetitive cuts for gasket materials up to -3/4 Inch thick.


Features hefty, all brass cutting block, heavy-duty cutting blades, chrome plated, steel extension bars. Replacement parts include; Cutter Block, Cutter Screws, Standard Blades, Pivot Post, Pivot Post Extension, Knurled Nut, Fiber Washer, Short Center Pin, Long Center Pin, Center Pin Ferrule, Extension Bar 13" to 25", Cutting Boards, Fiber Cutting Pad, Cutting Knob, Post with Offset Pin, Piercing Tool, Hex Key. Made in the USA.

Replacement Parts for ALLPAX Gasket Cutter Kits

100K13 Kit - Cuts 1/4" to 13" Dia

100K25 Kit - Cuts 1/4" to 25" Dia

100K37 Kit - Cuts 1/4" to 37" Dia

AllPax 101X03-1 - Parts

  • Cutter Block & Head Assembly

Cutter Block Spare Part

AllPax 100H15-1 - Parts

  • Cutter Block Fastener Kit: Contains Hex Key (1), Socket Head Cap Screws (2), and Fiber Washers (2)

Head Screws Spare Part

AllPax 100H45K - Parts

  • Gasket Cutter Blades Regular, Package of Six (6)

Cutter Blade Spare Part

AllPax 100H47 - Parts

  • Pivot Post

Pivot Post Spare Part

AllPax 100H47A - Parts

  • Pivot Post for Extension Bars

Pivot Post Extension Spare Part

AllPax 100H132 - Parts

  • Knurled Nuts for Pivot Posts

Knurled Nuts Extension Spare Part

AllPax 100H132A - Parts

  • Knurled Nuts for Extension Bar

Knurled Nuts Post Spare Part

AllPax 100P03 - Parts

  • 1 3/16" Short Center Pin

Small Center Pin Spare Part

AllPax 100P04 - Parts

  • 1 7/16" Medium Center Pin

Medium Center Pin Spare Part

AllPax 100P05 - Parts

  • 1 11/16" Long Center Pins

Long Center Pin Spare Part

AllPax 100H19 - Parts

  • Center Pin Ferrule
  • (included with 100K018)

Center Pin Ferrule Spare Part

AllPax 100E012 - Parts

  • Extension Bar for 13" - 25" Dia.

Extension Bar Spare Part

AllPax 100E024 - Parts

  • Extension Bar for 13" - 25" Dia.

Long Extension Bar Spare Part

AllPax 100K018 - Parts

  • Cutting Board Complete 18"

Cutting Board Spare Part

AllPax 100A118 - Parts

  • Fiber Cutting Pad 18" (included with 100K018)

Cutting Pad Spare Part

AllPax 100H48 - Parts

  • Cutting Knob for use with 100H47B

Knob Spare Part

AllPax 100H47B - Parts

  • Post with Offset Pin for Diameters Under One (1) Inch

Pivot Post Pin Spare Part

AllPax 100A20-1 - Parts

  • Piercing Tool for Center Pin Holes

Piercing Tool Pin Spare Part

AllPax 100H46K - Parts

  • Gasket Cutter Blades Heavy Duty, Package of Six (6)

Heavy Blades Spare Part

AllPax 100H47K - Parts

  • Boron Carbide, Package of Six (6)

Boron Blades Spare Part

AllPax 100K024 - Parts

  • Cutting Board Complete 24" (Includes Fiber Cutting Pad)

AllPax 100K030 - Parts

  • Cutting Board Complete 30" (Includes Fiber Cutting Pad)

AllPax 100A124 - Parts

  • Fiber Cutting Pad 24"

AllPax 100A130 - Parts

  • Fiber Cutting Pad 30"

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