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WaterJet Cutting Metal

Our waterjet machines Can Cut Steel or Metal up to 4" inches thick.

Waterjet cutting machines can cut metal materials including; Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Nickel, Silver, Tin.

Other metal alloys include; Brass, Bronze, Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Tool Steel, Tungesten and Titanium.

WaterJet Trimming Titanium Metal

Waterjet Cutting Wood

Our waterjet machines Can Cut Wood, both soft and hardwoods like Birch, Oak and Maple, as well as wood based products like Plywood.

That being said, provisions must be made to avoid splintering and other drawbacks associated with cutting porous material such as wood with pressurized water along with an abrasive.

WaterJet Cutting Glass

Yes, our waterjet machines Can Cut Glass materials including; Stained Glass Panels, Laminated Ballistic (bullet proof) Glass, Ultra Thin Panels for iphones, Optical Glass, Quartz, Fused Silica and Pyrex.

The cutting process begins with a low pressure pierce that switches to high pressure mode to continue cutting along tool path.

Higher quality glass that is thicker tends to be easier to cut than low quality glass or thin glass. Tempered glass is impossible to cut with a waterjet, as the glass is under stress. When you begin cutting it, tempered glass will shatter into many small fragments.

WaterJet Cutting Metal Disk

316 Stainless Steel 3" thick Metal Disk.

Cut inside diameter and trim outside diameter.

WaterJet Cutting Porcelain

10' x 5' Porcelain sheet 1/2" thick.

2 porcelain sheets stacked.

Flashcut Cutting PTFE Plastic

Yes, our dieless cutter system Can Cut Plastic or Moulded Materials. The depth of cut will depend on rigidity and thickness of plastic.

Materials include; Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Nylon, Acetal, Carbon Fiber, PTFE, Vinyl, and Plastic Laminates.

Flashcut Cutting Felt and Fiber Materials

Yes, our Flashcut cutting machine Can Cut Felt & Fiber materials.

CNC Based Die-less Knife cutting machines can cut fiber materials including; High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Felt, Vellumoid Vegetable Fiber, Vellumtherm, Ceramic Paper, NBR Carbon Fiber Sheet.

Other Fiber Textiles include; Carbon Fiber, Polymer, Glass Fiber, Ceramic Wool.

Custom Metal Machining Parts

NE Seal provides precision custom metal machining services, manufacture turned parts with difficult metals, tough tolerances and challenging geometries.

We have a fully equipped machine shop, managed by a dedicated, expert machinist with a wealth of knowledge and experience with production machining, tooling design, modifications and repairs.

Custom Machining O Ring

Precision machining O Ring from carbon material.

Take advange of our fully equipped machining shop along with our expert machinist next time you need production machining, tooling design, modifications and repair services.

We deliver quality services and products on schedule at the best prices so our customers save time and money