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The Problem

Worn out, 40 year old mechanical packing pumps, located on the the top floor of the building. By design Packing Pumps have a constant leak, however in this case, had the pumps leaked beyound the capacity of the retaining water tank, the floors beneath would have suffered water damage.

The Bay contacted two companies for estimates. Both companies claimed the job was impossible to resolve and instead recommended purchasing new pumps, at the cost of approx. $5000.00 per pump.

The Bay Seal Pump Repair Example 1
The Bay Seal Pump Repair Example 2

The Solution

  1. We replaced Mechanical Packing with Mechanical Seals. We provided machined adapters and seals.
  2. We were able to save water consumption and electricity usage as Packing Seal uses more energy to rotate the pump.
  3. As such, this also meant far less man hours needed to maintain the pump, simply because there would be no need to repack the pump every so often.

Currently, the replacement mechanical seal pump has continued to function without incident. We have been asked to replace two other pumps in the same fashion.

The Bay Seal Pump Repair Example 3
The Bay Seal Pump Repair Example 4

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