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Water Jet Cut almost any Material into any Shape

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NE Seal Provides Expert Water Jet Cutting Services with Quick Turn Around Times at Competitive Prices!

Tackle Any Job Requiring Accuracy and Precision. The Flow WaterJet cutting machine is an industry standard workhorse capable of cutting through many types of materials.

For the most part, materials cut with a water jet machine will be free of burrs, slag and other problems associated with conventional cutting techniques. Check FAQ section for detailed information.

What we need to know

  • Source material you wish to cut.
  • Design specifications.
  • Order requirements.

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Water Jet Art on Display

View our Waterjet handy work on display. The City of Vancouver has been working with neighbouring municipalities to rehabilitate and enhance some sections of Still Creek. The 17 km stream is one of only two remaining visible streams in the city.

waterjet still creek bridge

NeSeal was able to particpate in a the Still Creek Enhancement project, by providing waterjet services to a create a beautifully designed metal protective barrier along a pedestrian bridge and path for public access across Still Creek.

Waterjet Cut Stone Raven / Metal Artwork

Frequently Asked Questions About Waterjet Cutting

Do I Need a Custom Built Die?

Waterject cutters Do Not Need custom built dies. You can create and cut custom parts on the spot with confidence.

You provide a scanned image of your sketch and our technicians will create CAD drawings according to details provided. We design using AutoCad software. Input method is DXF and DWG. We can also work with most other drawing file formats.

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Can Waterjet Cut Thick Metal?

Yes, our waterjet machines Can Cut Steel or Metal up to 4" inches thick.

Waterjet cutting machines can cut metal materials including; Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Nickel, Silver, Tin.

Other metal alloys include; Brass, Bronze, Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Tool Steel, Tungesten and Titanium.

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Can Waterjet Cut Glass?

Yes, our waterjet machines Can Cut Glass materials including; Stained Glass Panels, Laminated Ballistic (bullet proof) Glass, Ultra Thin Panels for iphones, Optical Glass, Quartz, Fused Silica and Pyrex.

The cutting process begins with a low pressure pierce that switches to high pressure mode to continue cutting along tool path.

Higher quality glass that is thicker tends to be easier to cut than low quality glass or thin glass. Tempered glass is impossible to cut with a waterjet, as the glass is under stress. When you begin cutting it, tempered glass will shatter into many small fragments.

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Can Waterjet Cut Ceramic?

Waterjet cutting is by far the best and easiest method to process ceramic materials. We Can Cut Ceramic materials with the exception of ceramic made of 100% alumina. Should the hardness of acceptable ceramic materials be greater than the hardness of the garnet abrasive, specific measures have to be taken to avoid chipping and/or breakage.

Garnet abrasive registers between 7.5 to 8.5 on the Moh scale. Named after the man who invented it, the Moh scale is used to measure the relative hardness of minerals.

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Does Waterjet Cut Stone and Marble?

Cutting thick stone or marble is a cinch with waterjet cutting machines. Abrasive waterjet does not create heat or cause surface stress on stone or tile, thus material keeps original appearance and strength.

Waterjet machines Can Cut Stone materials including; thick Granite, Marble, Slate, Limestone, Soapstone, Travertine, Engineeried Stone, Concrete, Porcelain and Ceramic.

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Can Waterjet Cut Rubber?

Soft rubber and rubber foam usually require a jet of high-pressure water, only. However, hard rubber and reinforced rubber will need an abrasive waterjet process. Initial test cuttings will determine best procedure for the job.

Waterjet Machines Can Cut Rubber products including Nitrile (Buna-N), Polyurethane, Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, FDA certified rubber, PSA Rubber or Foam Sheets, PVC Foam, Viton (Fluoroelastomer), Natural Gum, SBR (Styrene-butadiene Rubber), Cloth-inserted Rubber or Fabric.

See Available Rubber Materials

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Can Waterjet Cut Plastic / Molded Materials?

Yes, waterjet machines Can Cut Plastic products including; Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Nylon, Acetal, Carbon Fiber, PTFE, Vinyl, and Plastic Laminates.

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Can Waterjet Cut Cork Materials?

Yes, our waterjet cutting system Can Cut Cork materials.

Cork, from the bark of the cork oak tree has been used as sealing material for centuries and is still used today because of its waterproof, compressibility and resilient qualities. Our die-less knife cutter can handle most types of Composition Cork and Cork/Rubber materials.

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Can Waterjet Cut Wood?

Our waterjet machines Can Cut Wood, both soft and hardwoods like Birch, Oak and Maple, as well as wood based products like Plywood.

That being said, provisions must be made to avoid splintering and other drawbacks associated with cutting porous material such as wood with pressurized water along with an abrasive.

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Can I Cut Intricate Designs With Waterjet Machine?

Waterjet cutting method is well suited for creating intricate inlays, borders, accents and company logos. Various materials can be combined for eye-catching results, for example inlays combining stone and metal, or tiles with glass.

A kerf indicates the thickness of a cut. Waterjet cutters can handle kerfs as narrow as 0.010 inches and a cut accuracy of 0.005 inches which Allows Complex Designs requiring little to no filing or finishing.

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How About Through-Cutting and Holes?

An abrasive waterjet machine used for through-cutting periphery and holes is much Faster and Less Expensive than milling because material is cut with one pass.

The waterjet machine will make an initial pierce hole the width of 0.04 inches, though somewhat irregular. This is the smallest hole a waterjet can make. For a reasonably round hole, a diameter no smaller than 0.1 inches is recommended.

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What Size Gasket Can Waterjet Machine Cut?

Our waterjet machine Can Cut Very Large Sized gaskets and products.

We can cut pieces as large as 5' by 7' just as easily, we can cut pieces as small as 1" by 1".

The speed of cut will vary according to type of material, thickness and density.

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How Much Does Waterjet Cutting Cost?

Each project is priced according to design difficulty, materials used and time needed to cut.

We are located on the West Coast of Canada, and we have local, domestic and international clients. We have Competitive Prices, high quality service and very fast turnaround times.

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How Much Time Does Waterjet Cutting Take?

Cutting time varies according to design difficulty, as well as thickness and density of source materials.

Overall, waterjet machines will have the Fastest Turnaround Time compared to other cutting techniques.

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What Projects Have You Worked On

On a daily basis, We Produce a Variety of Products for a diverse number of industries such as marine, automtive, electronics, military, recreational facilities, educational facilities, furniture manufacturing and so on.

  • Thick glass counter tops, table tops, shelves, and even glass wall socket covers complete with tiny screw holes.
  • Small delicate pieces for inclusion in circuit boards and other electronic equipment.
  • Very thick steel plates for shipyards and marine applications.
  • Copper rings and gaskets, aluminium and plastic shims, horseshoe shape gaskets and rubber pads.
  • Metal letterings for signboards and ceramic letterings for swimming pools.

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What Abrasive Material Do You Use To Cut?

We use Garnet Granules for reasons of faster cutting speed, longer tube life, lower costs, and the health hazards associated with other materials.

Waterjet cutting produces no smoke, dust, gases or vapours during the cutting process.

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About Flow Waterjet Cutting Machines

The Mach 3 series waterjet cutting machines offer reliable ultrahigh-pressure pump, intelligent process monitoring, and an array of unparalleled options all integrated into the most powerful waterjet control available.

  • Engineered for easy loading and unloading
  • Rigid construction for structural integrity

Save time and money, consult our team of seasoned technicians to help complete your project precisely and promptly at reasonable prices.

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We deliver quality services and products on schedule at the best prices so our customers save time and money